~Voices In The Static~ 

Here it is! Phantomime's lost recordings have surfaced! The "Voices in the Static" EP is a parting gift to the fans,featuring three songs that were being saved for the next album, and two completely never-before-heard tracks.

Phantomime - Voices in the Static
1. Swing & A Miss
2. Crocodile Tears
3. Entropy Unit
4. Frigate
5. The Curiosity Machine

Five songs! That's as many as 5 one's... And that's terrible!
There's been a lot of upheaval within the group, but the guys have pulled together for one last enigmatic work.

There's going to be a final show accompanying this release, before Adrian and Rico split off. Phantomime* will be playing
all the hits and partying like it's really the end, so bring like, a life jacket or something. Write the date on your hand, do some stretches, and maybe get some aspirin too. Phantomime is giving up the ghost with the most. Postponing entropy one bottle at a time.

"Voices in the Static" will be available for "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE" on the website upon its release in early August 2014


The Heist - EP

The Heist - EP

Physical Copy of "The Heist" EP

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Invisible Hand T-Shirt


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The Heist Package

The Heist Package


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